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Woodchuck Control

Woodchuck are big, woodchucks are stubborn, woodchucks are persistent, and without some sort of woodchuck control, your woodchuck is going to demolish your garden and yard in no time flat. Right now it´s on the outside of your garden fence eyeballing your fledgling veggies deciding which of them it´s going to eat first . Oh, by the way, your woodchuck is done with your Icelandic poppies and cornflower´s and would like to know when to return for desert! What makes matters worse is that it calls the enormous, newly excavated space it´s made under your garage floor home - the hole under the shed slab is no longer big enough for her and her four cubs! So, she's moved out, and it looks as if another woodchuck from across the way is eyeballing the vacancy.

You need to get rid of your Woodchuck Problem

The Crittergetter is not your typical woodchuck control product. It exterminates woodchucks through the use of engine exhaust from a car, truck, tractor, mower, ATV, or nearly any other type of combustion engine, diesel or gasoline. Quite plainly stated: Exhaust Kills. Your problem woodchuck lives inside a burrow. That burrow is a confined space. The Crittergetter will fill that confined space with a toxic gas that will lull your woodchuck to sleep painlessly and permanently... that´s the end of your woodchuck problem.

Groundhog on Fence

The Crittergetter is the only proactive woodchuck control product available. When applied properly, the burrow system of the woodchuck is no match for the Crittergetter because its use of high pressure exhaust makes it capable of reaching the farthest reaches of any burrow. Nearly every other product on the market relies on an action from the woodchuck to be effective; the Crittergetter takes the action to these unrelenting pests. Use the Crittergetter for your woodchuck control needs and "bring the business" to your woodchucks, before your woodchucks give the business to you.

Not a woodchuck? Have other critter issues in addition to woodchucks? Not a problem. The Crittergetter is the lone product available where it doesn´t matter what type of critter you need to get rid of… the results are always the same; the Crittergetter turns the entire burrow into a toxic environment, regardless of the critter type.

Concerned about how the Crittergetter may affect your environment? Read The Crittergetter – An Alternative to Poison to find out how the Crittergetter works and why common fertilizers, pesticides, and pest control products are markedly more harmful to your children, your pets, and you.


The Crittergetter's use of engine exhaust for groundhog extermination is not a new idea. Farmers and Landowners throughout the U.S. have been successfully using engine exhaust as an abatement technique for decades. The Crittergetter simply provides a properly constructed tool, made of the appropriately sized parts, to efficiently and effectively use this technique in one easy to use kit.

A note regarding exhaust pipe sizing:

Vehicle exhaust pipes are sized as they are for a reason. Attempting to reduce an exhaust pipe to a 3/4-inch or 5/8-inch diameter will cause excess backpressure resulting Critter Moundin valve and catalytic converter damage. If the automakers could use pipes of these smaller diameters for their exhaust systems, they would have done so long ago and saved themselves a great deal of money.

Unlike most poisons, baits, traps, toxic castor oil, and other products used for woodchuck control; the Crittergetter is safe for use around both children and pets.

Woodchuck curious? Scan to the bottom of this page to learn more about these relentless pests. For those interested in learning more about the Crittergetter, pest identification, and much more; the toolbar´s above and to the left provide links to resources and information specific to many types of burrowing animals including sections on damage prevention measures and specific animal habitats. In addition, for homeowners in cities and tight-knit suburbs lacking the access requirements to use the Crittergetter for their woodchuck control needs, we provide links to alternative product manufacturers, alternative product retailers, and other informational websites that will help these individuals get rid of their woodchucks or other burrowing pests.


To order a Crittergetter simply follow the easy steps below.

  1. Measure your exhaust pipe.
  2. Tailpipe measurement example 1

    For this application an "Up to 3-inch" Homeowner Crittergetter or a 3" (7.6 cm) Original Crittergetter should be ordered.

    Correct way to measure an odd sized tailpipe

    This is the correct way to measure an odd shaped tailpipe. A "3-inch Plus" Homeowner Crittergetter or a 4" (10.2 cm) Original Crittergetter should be ordered.

  3. Determine the required length of your Crittergetter by measuring the distance from your vehicle to the burrow opening or mound. (For the average person, one large step equals about 3-feet.)

  4. Select a Crittergetter from our product selection below.

We have two versions of the Crittergetter: The Original and The Homeowner. The Original Crittergetter hose is constructed of very heavy gage 3-Ply Polyester Yarns, is tough enough to be driven over by a car on a rocky surface without being damaged, and was created with the intent of withstanding continuous vigorous use. For those who do not require the industrial strength and durability of the Original, we have the Homeowner Crittergetter. By forming a union between the Original Crittergetter hose and our lightweight plastic hose we can offer a product that is better suited to the majority of our users needs. Other benefits of the Homeowner Crittergetter as compared to the Original Crittergetter are as follows:

100% customer satisfaction is very important to us - If you are not satisfied with your Crittergetter for any reason, please return it! See our Return Policy for details.

Homeowner Crittergetter

Homeowner Crittergetter

Priced From: $29.99
Reasonably priced two day shipping available

Up to 3-inch Homeowner Crittergetter - 50 feet long - Suitable for exhaust pipes from ¾-inches to 3-inches

3-inch Plus Homeowner Crittergetter - 50 feet long - Suitable for exhaust pipes from 2-inches to 4-inches

50-foot Hose Extension/Replacement - Available for both Homeowner Crittergetter Models

Coupler - Available for both Homeowner Crittergetter Models - one coupler is required per extension

See all 6 Homeowner Crittergetter Products

Original Crittergetter

Original Crittergetter

Priced From: $36.86
Reasonably priced two day shipping available on select items

2-inch Crittergetter - Suitable for exhaust pipes from ¾-inches to 2-inches

2 ½-inch Crittergetter - Suitable for exhaust pipes from ¾-inches to 2 ½-inches

3-inch Crittergetter - Suitable for exhaust pipes from ¾-inches to 3-inches

4-inch Crittergetter - Suitable for exhaust pipes from 2-inches to 4-inches

The Woodchuck

Unlike the gopher and mole the woodchuck is a surface grazer typically found eating grasses, forbs, clover, leaves of sassafras and other trees, numerous herbs, alfalfa, planted clover, corn, oats, and assorted...

Id Your Woodchuck

The timid woodchuck, also known as a "ground hog" or "whistle pig", is a member of the squirrel family and is usually about the size of a small dog. The woodchuck's eyes, ears, and nose are strategically placed on the top of the head enabling it to check over the rim of its burrow for danger without...

Woodchuck Geography

Woodchuck Range in North America

Where Woodchucks Live

The woodchuck prefers to habituate pastures, loosely wooded fields, and areas of dense shrubs. Due to continuing deforestation, the woodchuck habitat is expanding and their numbers are ever on the rise. The woodchuck prefers easy to dig loam and ...

What Woodchucks Eat

The woodchuck is a strict herbivore active in its foraging during the daylight hours. Its food sources include: vegetables, grasses and legumes. In early spring when green foliage is still scarce, the woodchuck will often eat bark, buds, and twigs. Later in the...

Woodchuck Facts

  • The woodchuck secretes its territorial marking scent through three nipple like anal glands.
  • The female woodchuck has one litter of usually three to five young per year.
  • Woodchucks live from ...

Woodchuck Damage

Due to the exploding population of the woodchuck and expectation of continued increase in their numbers as a result of continuing deforestation, the woodchuck can and probably will in the future be blamed for...

Woodchuck Damage Prevention

Preventative measures should always be taken to protect new crops and vegetable gardens that are placed into a woodchuck habitat. Since the woodchuck is primarily a surface forager, fencing is the most effective way to keep these animals out, however, diligence must be observed in...

Woodchuck Control Methods

Please see our Resource Directory for links to retailers who sell many of the Woodchuck Control products mentioned below...

Woodchuck are frustrating, especially when combined with your landscaping. What seems to make the damage done by these animals worse is the intelligence displayed by them when attempting to stop them: Woodchucks seam to learn to avoid and overcome traps, they hide and barricade themselves away from danger, they adapt to noise, and they learn to shun baits and poisons. Often adding even more frustration, is the common error of confusing your woodchuck with some other sort of perpetrating animal, which typically causes the use of inappropriate products, and in turn, ineffective treatment. Considering all of these contributing factors, it's a wonder anyone is ever able to gain any sort of control over these animals. Use of the Crittergetter removes much of the contradiction and confusion created due to the differing types of treatment required for each individual critter, and unlike traps, poison baits, and most other pest control methods, the Crittergetter does not rely on any action from the woodchuck or other pest to be effective. By delivering a fast moving, burrow-end reaching, 'non-pest specific' pressurized carbon monoxide gas, the Crittergetter, unlike many other products, will be effective regardless of what type of burrowing pest it comes up against because its quick delivery does not allow any critter the time to hide.

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